Level 3 - Advanced Plus Courses

This is a good progression from the Advanced Course, again the duration is 5 weeks and you will take moves that you have already perfected and develop them into more challenging versions, such as going upside down and then taking your hands away from the pole so that you are just hanging by your ankles. In addition to more complex versions of moves you have already learnt you will also be taught a whole new range of more challenging moves!





6.30pm Wednesday 8th January 2020 Kings Hill £100.00
6:30pm Wednesday 8th January 2020 Maidstone £100.00
7.30pm Wednesday 8th January 2020 Tunbridge Wells £100.00
8:45pm Thursday 9th January 2020 Walderslade £100.00
7.30pm Thursday 16th January 2020 Sittingbourne £100.00
6:30pm Thursday 16th January 2020 Sevenoaks £100.00