Precious Gems Workshops

The Precious Gems Workshops

Topaz – Suitable for those who have completed Beginners Course. Focuses on complex choreography, including new filler moves and tricks from the Beginners Course. This will improve your dance ability and give you confidence with a brand new pole routine.

Jade – Suitable for those who have completed Advanced Course. A newly choreographed advanced pole routine set to music that will have you performing to your limits! Ideal for those who want to learn harder choreography whilst improving the pole tricks from the Advanced Course. This will add another dimension to your pole performance.

Emerald – Suitable for those who have completed Advanced Plus Course. Double Trouble! Get ready to be paired up with a pole partner who will be of similar stature to yourself and you will be put through your pole paces, performing tricks together on the same pole! You will learn moves that can be done in tandem, as a mirror of one another and how to perform different poses together on the pole that compliment one another. This workshop will teach you about teamwork and trust, whilst improving your pole competence and confidence.

Ruby – Suitable for those who have completed Platinum Course. This workshop is all about combination moves, you will evolve previously learned moves into intricate and impressive combinations that will improve your strength and style and will take your pole performance to a whole new level.

Sapphire – Suitable for those who have completed Platinum Course Sapphire will push your confidence to the limits with a series of amazing drop moves that will see you dropping down the pole in a range of poses and moves that would wow any audience! Are you daring enough to drop?

Pearl – Suitable for those who have completed the Platinum Course. Impressive poses and difficult moves from the Platinum Course that will look amazing when displayed in two’s. You will work closely with your partner over the two, hour long workshops to develop your strength and skills and become part of a winning pair as you perform moves in sequence, mirror images and at different levels on the pole!

Workshop Cost £30 (Each workshop is 2x 1 hour sessions over 2 weeks)

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