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Course Type


6:30pm Monday 22nd July 2024 Aerial Silks Monday (Maidstone) £110.00
6:30pm Wednesday 7th August 2024 Aerial Hoop (Maidstone) Beginner £110.00
7.30pm Wednesday 7th August 2024 Aerial Hoop Advanced (Maidstone) £110.00
6.30pm Friday 23rd August 2024 Silks Advanced Levels Friday £110.00
7.30pm Monday 2nd September 2024 Aerial Hoop Level All Levels (Maidstone) £110.00


1 Day Workshop

Suitable for anyone who has completed the advanced pole program, this taster course introduces the various forms of aerial circus and is an exciting way to improve your strength, flexibility and fitness whilst feeding your creativity.

Working on aerial hoop, rope and silks, this workshop will give you a tantalizing taste of each of these diverse forms of aerial apparatus, enabling you to transfer your existing pole skills to a new yet complementary art form. The workshop also provides an introduction to acro balance (using other people to balance on).

Drinks & snacks are included in this workshop

£75 per person 1.30 – 6.00pm (Workshops will run every quarter in addition to the main 5-week courses in each discipline – rope, hoop & silks)

Foundation Course in Hoop – Level 1

The aerial hoop (or lyra) is a simple, circular steel ring suspended above the ground. As the apparatus of choice for many circus acrobats, the aerial hoop enables performers to combine artistry and athleticism to create mesmerizing aerial displays.

This foundation course will take you through the basics of navigating your way around the equipment safely and fluently, plus you’ll build the strength and flexibility essential for more advanced courses. You’re welcome to bring along your camera to capture the beautiful shapes you’ll be able to create on the hoop by the end of the course. 8 week course for £110.

Improver Course in Hoop – Level 2

This course will build upon the skills you developed in the Foundation Course, and your growing strength and balance will enable you to create new positions, extend shapes and push you creative talents even further!

Advanced Course in Hoop – Level 3

The advanced course will see you moving confidently and gracefully around the hoop as you try out new moves and create a variety of ways to link them together into sensational routines. And as your strength and flexibility increases you will master dynamic transitions and challenging acrobatic tricks.


Foundation Course in Silks – Level 1

“Aerial silks” are suspended fabric ribbons that performers ascend in order to execute a dazzling variety of moves. A very demanding art form, aerial silk performances consist of climbs, wraps and drops that are both physically challenging and visually stunning

This Foundation Course will take you through basic wraps and static poses and ensure you can use the silks safely and confidently. You will also begin to develop the strength and balance required to perform more advanced techniques. 8 week course for £110.

Improver Course in Silks – Level 2

Building upon your existing skills, this course will introduce you to more complex moves and tricks and challenge you to create new shapes and transitions. As your confidence grows you will find yourself becoming more creative and daring in your performance.

Advanced Course in Silks – Level 3

The advanced course will challenge your physical and creative talents and give you the confidence to execute more daring moves. And as you master new wraps and drops you will be able to create thrilling routines that make full use of your improved strength and control.




Foundation Course in Rope – Level 1

Aerial rope (or corde lisse) is a soft cotton rope suspended from above. Closely related to silks, corde lisse performances combine acrobatic prowess and creativity to produce exciting aerial choreography.

This Foundation Course will provide a good introduction to basic rope techniques, enabling you to create elegant shapes and poses safely and confidently. It will also help you to develop the strength and balance necessary for more advanced techniques. 8 week course for £110.

Improver Course in Rope – Level 2

This course will test both your athletic and creative talents as it pushes you to master challenging holds and poses, enabling you to execute complex moves and develop simple routines.

Advanced Course in Rope – Level 3

The advanced course will take full advantage of your increased strength and agility, challenging you to explore complex tricks and dynamic transitions, and giving you the confidence to build them into graceful yet electrifying routines.