Level 1 - Beginner Courses

This 8-week course will introduce you to a variety of simple but impressive techniques, including spins, poses and “filler” moves.

As you master each new technique you will find your strength and agility improving week by week. By the end of the course you’ll be able to perform a full pole routine and will have developed both the flexibility and the confidence to take on the challenges of the advanced course.

The course can be paid in full or in 3 installments with the first one being the deposit on the night of £30.00.






7.30pm Wednesday 5th July 2017 Kings Hill £100.00
7.30pm Wednesday 5th July 2017 Sevenoaks £100.00
7:30pm Wednesday 5th July 2017 Maidstone £100.00
6.30pm Thursday 6th July 2017 Sittingbourne £100.00
7.45pm Thursday 6th July 2017 Walderslade £100.00
7.30pm Thursday 6th July 2017 Chatham £100.00
7.30pm Monday 17th July 2017 Ashford £100.00
7.30pm Monday 17th July 2017 Tunbridge Wells £100.00
7.30pm Tuesday 25th July 2017 Orpington £100.00